The Psychological Effects Of Child Abuse

Holistic Treatment Center : Combat The Psychological Effects Of Child Abuse
 by: Anna J. Stuart

Intentional or unintentional, child abuse has a great impact on the physical as well as physiological health of a child. This distressing event can happen anywhere like at homes, schools, organizations ethnic or cultural groups. Physical harms involve lifelong health problems along with cognitive difficulties. When you talk about emotional effects, it results in low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, difficulties in managing relationships and even personality disorder. Here the role of depression treatment center comes into picture. Don’t ignore the signs of child abuse. It’s no less than a crime. A relevant treatment center can rescue the sufferer from the pangs of depression and anxiety.

How to find out whether a person is in a state of depression? As per medical experts, the most common symptoms are when the feelings of negativity, anxiety, agitation and anger are overpowering rest of the emotions. If a child is losing his interest in everyday’s activities, immediately report to a reputed depression or holistic treatment center. This treatment approach takes emotional, spiritual and physical health into account. Synthetic medication always carries the risk of side-effects, but holistic healing can help to live a better life without any harm. It’s a lifelong commitment to the physical health and mental well-being.

It is important to mention that child abuse is not all about broken bones and unexplained bruises. If a kid is frequently getting hurt, his anxiety level gets elevated. It can even give rise to drug abuse. It should not be taken lightly. Anxiety is a natural human reaction. But, it can be a threat to the psychological well-being of a person. A child suffering from anxiety disorder can experience emotional irritability in the slightest of uncomfortable condition. Professional care services of anxiety treatment center can provide an emotionally, physically or sexually abused child a life that he deserves. You can contribute your bit by finding out the best anxiety or holistic treatment center in your vicinity.

It has been seen that sometimes parents continuously neglect or fail to accomplish the child’s basic needs including emotional attention, care, affection and appreciation. Don’t push him to live your dreams. This condition also falls under child abuse. It can cause various personality changes in a child such as becoming insecure with low self-esteem. The reliable depression treatment center can certainly help you to minimize the physiological as well as psychological effects of child abuse. They have adopted natural ways to heal the pain and overcome anxiety attacks and enable the child to live a stress-free life.

Child abuse leaves lasting scars. An unfortunate event of life can damage a child’s sense of self and his ability to have healthy relationships. Sometimes it can result into bipolar disorder. If any child is suffering from this distressing disorder, look no further than Bipolar treatment center. You can commence your search over the internet. It is flooded with various websites offering valuable information about reputed holistic treatment center. It is worth all your time, efforts and money.

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Time Management for Adults with ADD: Planning is Your Roadmap

Time Management for Adults with ADD: Planning is Your Roadmap
 by: Jennifer Koretsky
Planning is something that adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have a lot of difficulty with.

So many things in life require planning. Getting organized requires a plan. Doing a project (like a report at work or a paper at school) requires a plan. And time management, especially, requires a plan.

Now before we go any further, let me be really clear about this:

While it’s true that ADDers have difficulty planning, this doesn’t mean that we can’t plan. The problem is that we usually don’t think we need a plan!

We often don’t want to “waste time” by creating a plan in advance, and we trust ourselves to just wing it. But this rarely works. It just leads to a lot of procrastination, indecision, and overwhelm!

So those few minutes that you didn’t want to “waste” on planning actually cost you a whole lot more time in the end.

There really is no underestimating the importance of planning. And because it may not come naturally to us, I believe that planning is one of those skills that many adults with ADD have to learn later in life. I know I certainly did.

And there’s good reason for learning how to plan, even if you do end up learning this skill later in life. The thing is, planning makes your life a whole lot easier.

Think about it this way:

Imagine you’re going on vacation. You’re driving to a different state that’s a few hours away.

Would you get in the car and start driving without a map, or directions, or a GPS? In theory, you could get on the highway and follow the road signs. But your trip would be pretty stressful, and you’d probably take a lot of wrong turns!

It’s much easier to get to your destination when you’re being guided, and you have a tool that instructs you on where to go next.

This is what planning in daily life is all about. Your plan is the roadmap that tells you were to go next, and makes your whole life easier.

And I have to tell you, nowhere is your plan so important as when it comes to time management.

Planning your day alleviates so much stress! When you take just a little bit of time each day to create your plan, you’re essentially creating a roadmap for yourself that guides you on what to do, and when to do it.

When you create a plan for your day, you take control of your time and tasks. Planning eliminates a whole lot of procrastination, indecision, and overwhelm. Best of all, it helps you to be more productive and get things done!

And believe me, even if you’re not used to planning, you absolutely can do it. You can learn this skill and benefit from it at any point in your life. And better late than never, right?


About The Author

Jennifer Koretsky is the Founder of the ADD Management Group, author of Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD, and Host of the Virtual AD/HD Conference. Jennifer and her team work with ADD adults who are overwhelmed with everyday life in order to help them simplify, focus, and succeed. To learn more, visit .


Break Bad Habits Now With Affirmations

Break Bad Habits Now With Affirmations
 by: Amy twain
Affirmations can be really helpful to break bad habits if you are persistent about it.

In order for you to really break bad habits you must: a) be aware that the unconscious mind exists and b) learn how to manipulate its existence.

And affirmations are great and powerful techniques in which, if used effectively, could bring out and address directly to your unconscious being.

By uttering simple positive statements of the way you wish to live your life, then reiterating them out loud daily, you teach your unconscious thoughts in order to guide you to a better path to be reflected by your whole senses.

You can use:

1) Situational statements: one of a kind affirmations which provide a definite aim in your life. Some examples are:

a) “My heart and lungs are healthy.”

b) “I am very happy to be earning $120, 000 per year.”

2) Timeless affirmations. These are statements which can be made use at any point in your life.

a) “My body is healthy and strong.”

b) “I am so happy in every aspect of my life”

In speaking these words over and over daily, they penetrate into our subconscious mind till it becomes our reality.

Moreover, the positive language of these “feel-good” affirming sentences blocks off negative thought processes, and in effect, fosters positive attitude.

To fortify this belief, each day, every morning, when you get ready for the day, you can try to spare at least 10 minutes of your time in uttering these affirmations out loud. Simply listen to your own voice as you speak these and try to be detached and unemotional as you can.

And lastly, it is very important that you must try to obstruct any negativity and concentrate 100% of your language and attention to the affirmations that you are saying out loud.


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The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Amy recently published a new home study course on how to boost your Self Esteem. Click here to get more info about her Quick-Action Plan for A More Confident You.
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Increase Success By Focusing On Less!

Increase Success By Focusing On Less!
by: TJ Philpott

Have you ever noticed how little you actually accomplish when focusing on multiple objectives at the same time? Many people feel they can increase productivity by tackling multiple tasks simultaneously but this is not usually the case! What is actually occurring is that their efforts are usually of lesser quality since they do not stay focused on just one task! Although multiple tasks may be ‘completed’ the lack of quality in the results is the difference between being successful and being average!

Here is a look at 3 ways to stay focused on just the task at hand allowing yourself a much greater chance of being successful at whatever it is you are trying to accomplish!

Minimize ‘To Do’ List

Being ambitious is admirable but if you can not accomplishment what you intended why ‘schedule’ this in the first place? This only opens the ‘door’ to frustration and doubt and this can undermine your efforts. By trimming your ‘to do’ list to a more manageable size it will enable you to stay focused on only those tasks you have scheduled for completion. An oversized list will only serve to distract both your attention and efforts!

Work Until Completion

When planning your work commit to completing each task you start before moving on to the next. Being successful at anything is based upon what you have accomplished but if you have a list of partially completed tasks, you really have accomplished nothing! Besides when you stay focused on just one project your ability to work more efficiently tends to increase!

Be Realistic

Assess your skills and plan your accomplishments according to your own abilities. The best way to increase productivity is to be realistic about your expectations. Do not establish goals or plan any work that is beyond your capabilities or skills sets. This will only set you up to waste your time and energy and likely experience nothing but frustration and failure. Continual frustration will then rob you of your ability to stay focused on anything resulting in nothing getting accomplished!

The temptation of focusing on multiple tasks at the same time to get more done only works if you are not concerned about the quality of your results! On the other hand if really being successful at what you do is important to you, it is best to stay focused on only the task in front of you. By doing so you will get much better results. If you think about it the only way to really increase productivity is to get quality results from your own efforts in the most time efficient manner! Our discussion above shows how by narrowing your focus you can increase productivity along with the quality of your own efforts. This seems to be the only sensible blueprint for being successful if of course quality counts for anything!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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3 Simple Steps to Stop Limiting Beliefs Destroying Your Life

3 Simple Steps to Stop Limiting Beliefs Destroying Your Life
 by: Scott Murray
Have you ever stopped and wondered why some days nothing can stop you achieving grand and glorious things yet other days you are flat out getting out of bed?

Well the solution may be closer at hand than you think.

You see, most of what we create in our lives is created from our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. Most of these are what has been shared with us growing up from well meaning family, friends, colleagues, teachers……..the list goes on.

Unless you are aware of this happening, which most people aren’t, you just accept what others tell you about YOU. Hence your reality is created through the eyes of others not through your eyes. If you’ve been told all your life that you are fat, skinny, stupid, adorable, intelligent, slow or absolutely brilliant, what do you think you are going to think and believe about yourself? More than likely what you have been told over and over again.

This point is not about making the people around you wrong for what they said to you, they were doing the best they could with what they had at the time. The point is about being aware that all of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs may not be yours. Having them as part of your life may not be in your best interest.

So with new found awareness of your thoughts and beliefs you can start to change your life (if you choose!)

Instead of your limiting thoughts and beliefs destroying your life, you now get to destroy them. How much better than that does it get?

Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Be willing to have awareness of your thoughts, beliefs etc that may be destroying your life

2. When you notice them say to yourself: Everything that is destroy and uncreate it please. This puts you in charge so you can create your life how you want, not being destroyed by your thoughts, beliefs etc

3. Ask yourself: What else could I create here? What else is possible?

If this doesn’t work for you, try my visualize and vaporize technique. Simply visualize the thought, belief etc in a balloon and the watch it vaporize into thin air. Then visualize another balloon and fill it with thoughts etc you would like to have about a certain situation/person.

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Scott Murray is a coach, trainer and mentor who facilitates change through bodywork, personal development and internet marketing. Find out more about Scott and collect your free 7 day Training Series on the ‘World’s Most Intimate Form of Marketing’ at
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Grounding – The Simplest And Most Powerful Grounding Exercise

Grounding – The Simplest And Most Powerful Grounding Exercise
 by: Bella Romero
In this article I will reveal a simple yet powerful grounding exercise. But why would you need a grounding exercise? Because it will help you get connected with your center. Your center is that thing you need in difficult times. Your center will be there to help you overcome any problem that arises. You must not lose your center. Instead, you must stay connected with it at all times. The grounding exercise I am revealing here will create a deep connection with your inner self and your center. Let’s begin..

If you don’t succeed in performing the exercise well then don’t be disappointed. These things take time. Keep trying and give time to yourself.

You will also need a notebook to take notes. This will help you perform the grounding exercise better and clearly understand the process.

Finally, you will need consistency. You must repeat the exercise for at least 10 minutes a day. If you meet these simple yet important requirements then you are ready to perform the exercise. Here it is..

Go to your private space and sit in a comfortable position (you can try the common cross-legged posture) and put some soft music on.

Now you will need all your visualization skills. First you must see yourself in the center of a flower. The flower is colorful, lovely and open. It’s petals lay around you. Now see the petals rise one by one. Imagine pure light coming from an outside source and filling the space, you, the petals, the whole flower. Now see yourself being one with the flower (you are the bud) and sinking into the blossom. The flower is now closed. Feel the peace around you. Think what you have just created and feel happy and one with your center. Try to feel your heart beating. Determine the beating pace. Stay there for a while, these moments are precious. This is the first and most important part of the exercise! Very simple but powerful..

One issue that will likely arise is the presence of random thoughts that will try to distract you. Don’t get discouraged and keep clearing your mind until you think nothing but your center or the images of the flower and you becoming one with it.

When you are ready see the blossom unfold slowly. All its petals are opening one by one until you find yourself in the center of the blossom again..

Before you finish, remember to take some notes of your thoughts and feelings that you believe are worth mentioning. At times it would be useful to look at your notebook to recall the feelings of the past and observe your progress.

The exercise presented will work even for amateurs but the more you perform it, the better the results and the level of understanding of what is going on around you.

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Bella Romero is a well known metaphysical practitioner with over 20 years of experience in divination, spiritual healing and self growth. Visit her website and learn about the Protection Shield ( ). A powerful, ancient invention which was discovered only recently and it is believed to lead to riches, honor and fulfillment. I reveal all the secrets of the shield in my valuable e-book plus I offer four spiritual bonuses to show you my gratitude. Click ==>


To Forgive

To Forgive
 by: Scott F Paradis
Are you troubled and weary? Is something you are clinging to bringing you pain? Don’t succumb to the temptation to place blame. For the pain you feel is not from out there. The pain you feel inside, deep within your being – a sense of betrayal, loss, or bitter despair – is a feeling you manufacture, you nurture, you hold onto. This is not to say the circumstances you have endured are not deserving of an emotional release – just don’t allow that experience more than it is due. The tighter you cling to the pain (and the circumstances that triggered those feelings) the more power you give away. To be free to grow, to live and to love – you must move on, you must forgive.

Wherever ego looks, it sees conflict and division, pain and oppression. Ego’s tools are blame and fear. To move from the tempest to the calm, from trial to peace, from guilt to innocence, invest the talent and energy at your disposal to recognize the world for what it is  illusion. To embrace the true, enduring reality forgive those you perceive as trespassing against you and forgive the circumstances, the events, and the people you believe have conspired against you. By letting go of conflict you ultimately forgive yourself.

Remember these words: “I am responsible.” And “Forgiveness comes from forgiving.”

Life is to be lived. Whether you tend to believe you are journeying through the valley of death, or you are on a voyage of discovery, the truth is your final destination is the safety of a warm embrace and a loving home. To get to that destination do not squander your life, nor spend it frivolously wallowing in pain or self pity. Invest your treasure, your life and your love, freely in the lives of others. To do this you must be unencumbered by guilt and for peace to reign, you must forgive   all and always.

Today is not life in the fast lane; it is life in the oncoming lane. Ego puts you in the oncoming lane and accelerates life so that you find it difficult to hear the still small voice calling out to guide the way, the voice calling you home. Undo ego’s obstacles to recognize the truth. The biggest obstacles to truth are the perceptions in your mind you have been wronged or you are unworthy of going home. Both these misperceptions (blame and fear) require true forgiveness.

Your ultimate task in life is to unleash yourself from the bondage of this world. The journey from sleep to wakefulness is made in small steps. You forgive by not judging, by accepting responsibility for all you experience, and by letting go of perceived hurts and injustices. You see, if this life is an illusion, then so are your perceptions of injustice. There is no one to blame and nothing to fear.

Forgiving is giving peace, allowing a smile, inviting laughter despite the circumstances. You are not separate from your creator. You are not alone. You are one   whole, complete, powerful, and loving. You are forgiven in the same measure as you forgive others. See your face in the face of your brother and your sister and know that you are one. This is your life – take responsibility for it and forgive all else.

About The Author

Scott F. Paradis, author of “Promise and Potential: A Life of Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Will”
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Attract the Universe and Achieve Your Goals

Attract the Universe and Achieve Your Goals
 by: Donny Pazzero
The Universal Law of Attraction can be a very effective tool in making you achieve your goals and practically everything else you want to have in this lifetime. You will realize that desire should always start from within, and the world will just obey your thoughts, actions and ideas. Here are some guidelines on how to get your objectives just the way you want.

Ask the Universe

According to the Universal Law of Attraction, ask the universe and it shall give to you. However, to achieve your goals, you have to truly have an idea about what kind of thing or event you want to happen in your life. There are plenty of items that you can ask from the world. The most common are superficial things such as money, a new car, a new house, etc. More meaningful items include better relationships with your family or wife, happiness in your job and life, etc. All of these can be given to you at the time you want and in the extent you need. To help you work out what you want find a personal development consultant who will help you identify this at a very low cost for you.

The Way You Ask

The way you ask the universe will also matter. Keep in mind that the universe will immediately hear and respond in the manner you believe in. Your first thought might go, ‘I want a brand new Ferrari.’ The world will then respond, ‘Your wish is my command.’ However, other thoughts can still enter such as, ‘But it may still be when I’m in my 40’s.’ or ‘But it will happen when I get the promotion.’ or even ‘It can’t happen.’ The world will just say yes to everything you inject in your thoughts.

The time, extent, severity and other details of your wish will be determined by your mind alone. If you have any doubt or disbelief about the power of the universe to provide, then it will truly give to you accordingly. Make sure you clean your thoughts thoroughly so that you set your goals straight and allow the universe to perform the best way.

Your Actions

Once you and your personal development consultant have set your goals and asked from the universe, your mind, thoughts and body will start acting automatically to lead towards the goals and objectives. You will subconsciously accomplish small tasks and open up a wide array of opportunities that are meant to direct you to the ultimate mark. Renew your goals each morning as you wake up and your body will just function immediately towards these.

Work both consciously and subconsciously. Remember that it also requires effort and discipline on your part to receive the best things in life. Do not expect everything to just fall into place. If you want to land that promotion, then you should start going to work early, volunteer for projects and show that you are prepared for bigger responsibilities.

Staying Positive

The Universal Law of Attraction helps you achieve your goals, as long as you remain positive. Always believe that the universe is capable of providing immediately. Anything can actually happen, in the time you have set. Always be optimistic in the face of adversary. It is not impossible that you will encounter a few problems along the way, but what’s more important is how you relate to the situation in a positive light. Be conscious about what’s happening and act to alleviate the effects. If every you need support with any of this then take advantage of the amazing benefits of having a personal development consultant.

About The Author

Donny Pazzero has two blogs that he uses to share his writing. He likes to write since in 12 years old. In future, he wants to create an eBook and publish it for free.

You can get more information about Personal Development and Business Development program on Answerforyou information site.

Are You Afraid Of Accepting More Good?

Are You Afraid Of Accepting More Good?
 by: Linda-Ann Stewart

Many years ago, I participated in an exercise at a workshop to show us how at ease we were with allowing good into our lives. As I imagined a little extra good flowing in, I was fine. But when I visualized a lot more good, I started to get anxious, even scared.

The exercise continued, expanding the amount of good I would let in. When I got past that first barrier, I was once again comfortable with the concept of letting more good into my life. It was an interesting exercise for me, showing, that for some reason, I was fearful of allowing more Universal good flow into me.

Why would anyone be afraid of more good? Imagine heaven smiling down upon you, living in grace, everything falling into place in your life. Why would that create anxiety? Isn’t that exactly what you want?

Since the time of the exercise, I’ve discovered that many people share the fear I experienced. It comes in various shapes and forms, and from multiple causes. And it’s one reason you unconsciously block your desires. Because of past experiences, you don’t know what catastrophe will happen if you actually achieve what you say you want in life.

Over the years, I’ve identified a few reasons for that concern:

Fear of a backlash. If you receive more good, you fear that somehow it will be taken away. It’s almost a superstition that one hand will give the good, and another hand will take it away. Sometimes, this comes from childhood. You might have received something you really wanted, but then had a cherished toy taken from you because your parent decided that you’d outgrown it.

Have to give it away. I’ve known several people who deliberately kept their income at a low level so they wouldn’t have to give their extra money to indigent relatives. They couldn’t say “No” to the relatives, and save the extra for a rainy day in their own life. From a young age, they were trained that they had to give all their extra toys and cherished possessions to their siblings or cousins. They were the “Cinderella” of the family, and haven’t realized that things can be different now.

Fear of punishment. Somehow, you fear that more good will bring some punishment upon you. Some force will come down and make you pay for having something great happen. You’re receiving more good than you deserve and should be flogged for it. The only thing that punishes you is your old programming. You deserve all the good you receive.

This is one of the issues I discovered I had. I once had a childhood friend who would put me down whenever I had something nice happen in my life. She once told me that she wanted to make sure I didn’t exaggerate my importance. So I stopped telling her of any positives that occurred.

To begin to overcome this irrational fear that more good is scary, examine what happened when you were a child. When you got some toy or reward that others didn’t get, how did you feel? What happened? Did you get beat up, was it taken away, were you emotionally abandoned, resented or attacked? Maybe you always had to share, and when you got the toy back, it was damaged or destroyed.

Whatever happened to you, it set up a pattern in your subconscious to expect this type of reaction every time you received something good in your life. And it probably continues to this day. To begin to combat that programming, remind yourself that you’re the grownup now, and you have the power to say “Yes” or “No” or “Take a hike.” And that you have the strength, ability, knowledge and resources to take care of your own inner self and worth.

I still practice the workshop exercise occasionally. It gives me feedback as to where I might be blocking myself, and to expand my acceptance of more good. When I feel the fear, I talk to it, letting it know that it doesn’t have to protect me anymore. You can do the same thing, and allow yourself to open your mind to receive more good every day.

About The Author

Linda-Ann Stewart empowers people to discover new possibilities and realize their full potential through speaking, life coaching, visualization and hypnotherapy. For a copy of her free ebook, “Secrets To The Law Of Attraction,” visit


Authenticity – Why people aren’t themselves and what that costs them

Authenticity – Why people aren’t themselves and what that costs them
 by: Bella Enahoro


Why should you be yourself? The simple answer is ‘because everyone else is taken’ – it’s both the simple answer and an accurate answer. The important question is ‘why are we not ourselves?’ What is the pay off for not being ourselves? Ahhh, now we’re talking.

To begin with, what would cause us to not want to be ourselves? For some of us, we may have been raised in environments where it was dangerous to be who we are. Even as adults we may be working in environments that demand that we be other than who we are in order to ensure job security. So we conclude, I have to be other than I am to get what I want i.e. love, safety, income etc.

We may have learned to believe ‘who I am is not good enough to be loved, guaranteed safety, approved of’. We may have been told ‘who you are is not worth treating well’. We may have learned ‘who you are is not good enough to meet my standards for ‘being good enough’. We may become convinced that we are less than we should be.

When we feel not good enough what happens to our lives? We end up putting things on hold until we feel we ‘deserve’ by becoming good enough. We spend so much time striving to feel that we’re good enough. Have I accomplished enough, am I good looking enough, is my car big/fast/exclusive enough, is my job title high enough, do I have enough awards to be good enough? Exhausting isn’t it?

Self worth and authenticity are intrinsically linked. The worth we have in our own eyes, a sense of worth not built on acquisition, job title, appearance, credentials – is the only worth, worth living out of. How many of us realize that we have an intrinsic worth greater than anything on the outside? If we go through life with a sense of being deficient then we are motivated to acquire value – the things that others value in the world then become our aim in life. I may not be good enough in and of myself but look what I’ve got, becomes our calling card.

Sooner or later, things fall apart, if we’re lucky. It can take many forms e.g we can lose everything we spent our whole lives accruing or we meet someone or a situation who places no value on our ‘social bling’. We run helter skelter trying to get them to ‘see’ us as our bling or we go somewhere else. But there’s a crack in the tea cup. When it finally breaks open, our break down becomes our breakthrough.

We begin to look for another way. What we’ve been looking for is a way to feel good about who we are, under all circumstance. We don’t always realize it at first since there’s much howling in pain and hanging onto fast disappearing ‘bling’.

The breakthrough cracks us wide open and everything we’ve been taught is ‘wrong’ with us, all the things we’ve been taught make us ‘not good enough’ stare us in the face. Excruciating at first but if we stay, refuse to take flight, we can transform. Now begins the re-acquainting ourselves with the ‘real’ us, all of it.

There are many transformation technologies from journaling, meditation, prayer, walking, body work, sound, vibrational healing. We tend to gravitate towards one that works for us. Soon the pain subsides, loses its edge. We don’t feel so raw. Our lives may be in shambles around us but we can stand to be alive and increasingly we can stand to be ourselves. We live in a time of infinite help with wonderful teachers who can assist us in moving out of our debris; emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Not being who we are, may be something we picked up at our beginning but was never a part of our being and we need not continue with it.

November’s LiveWell Audio features Sarah Ban Breathnach who guides the listener on a journey to reclaim our authentic selves and the beauty of the life we can create from our ‘real’ selves.

About The Author

Bella Enahoro is the founder of a Motivational company that helps individuals,non-profits and companies improve their lives, build communities, profits and positive impact.Visit her website for the latest on audiobooks, downloads and articles on self-help, personal growth, professional development and spirituality.

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